Wife of El Chapo files for protection against search and arrest

Lucio R. for Borderland Beat
According to Proceso, after the raids last October to family properties in Sinaloa and Durango, Emma Coronel Aispuro, the current “wife” Joaquin El Chapo Guzman -legally he is still married to wife no.1,  Alejandrina María Salazar Hernández and never legally married the others-, filed two amparos in Toluca federal court to protect her against arrest, and brought before the Attorney General’s Office (PGR).
An amparo is a legal action or an appeal, which protects the constitutional rights of citizen.
The Tijuana Zeta weekly magazine, reported that Coronel asked for the protection against, search and arrest. Coronel was born in California but lived  her childhood in Canelas, Durango, she gave birth to twin daughters in southern California in 2001.
At the time of Chapo’s arrest in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, in February 22, 2014, Coronel, a nanny and his twins were with him.  Although Coronel was taken in to custody, and the nanny, at the time of the arrest, they were processed-mugs and fingerprints- but were allowed to go free without charges. See her mugshot at left, looking little like the beauty queen photos that have flooded the media over the years.  It appears she has followed the trend of females in Sinaloa by having her share of plastic surgery.
The mugshot was given by PGR, to 60 minutes, who says it is Chapo’s wife,  it was supposedly taken by PGR.  At bottom is a mugshot of the twin’s nanny who was also taken into custody.

One can only surmise that the PGR agency is seeking her now to question her about Chapo’s whereabouts and his tunnel escape from Altiplano on July 11th.  
The legal filing came three weeks succeeding elements of the Special Forces, searching for Chapo, stormed Coronel’s properties, and those of her family,  in Sinaloa and Durango.
However, judges hearing the amparo requests are demanding that Coronel reveal “under oath” where her home is located, either Durango or Sinaloa.
First and only legal wife, Alejandrina Salazar
Edgar Coronel Aispuro, Emma’s brother is arrested on charges of supporting the escape of  El Chapo. 
On April 30, 2013 Coronel’s father, Ines Coronel was arrested, along  with his son  Inés Omar Coronel in Agua Prieta, Sonora.  The senior Coronel was in charge of trafficking drugs through the border state of Sonora and into Arizona.  His area of operations included both Sonora and his native Durango.  His primary plazas were Agua Prieta, San Luis, and Cananea in Sonora.


His remains imprisoned in Hermosillo, Sonora.