Sinaloa: “Chino Antrax” sentencing update

Lucio R. Borderland Beat using material from C. Martinez Scribd page


José Rodrigo Aréchiga Gamboa, aka Chino Antrax, was scheduled to be sentenced on this past Friday October 16th, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California.

On October 8thFrank J. Ragen, the attorney representing Aréchiga Gamboa, filed a request for continuance, due to time needed to prepare for the hearing.  Adam Braverman, Assistant United States attorney had no objection to the delay.  The new sentencing date is April, 08, 2016. (see doc below)
Aréchiga Gamboa has pleaded guilty in the case against him in a plea agreement. In the plea agreement (below) it lists conditions or acts that would nullify the agreement. 
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The government will recommend to the court to impose the low end of the guideline scale.
It also states that the U.S. Government has made no representation as to what sentencing will be and that the defendant is aware the judge in the case may impose maximum sentence provided by statute.

The defendant waives all rights to appeal.
In the plea the defendant agreed to forfeit 1,000,000 dollars payable to the Unites States government.  He submitted his first payment of 100k. (at left)
The plea agreement also states the U.S. has calculated a 40/41 sentencing score.  Theoretically, with a score of 40/41 sentencing would be 360 months to life, without mediating factors.
With good time, and time served that would calculate to 288 months and 28 days of actual served time when released. 

But, no one expects the maximum and when sentenced is imposed by the Hon. Judge Sabraw, we should have a pretty good idea of just how much information Aréchiga Gamboa gave up to authorities.
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