Rogue Narc: Episode 4 Stop Investigating

The never before told real reason DEA Agent “Kiki” Camarena was murdered by the drug cartels which include Mexican and US Intelligence Officers.
The never before heard confession of a retired DEA agent – he was there. He lived through this and he was the one in charge of the Official DEA investigation (Operation Leyenda). He was appointed by the Head of the DEA (Jack Lawn) who worked for the DOJ – appointed directly by then president George H. W. Bush. His job was to investigate the the torture and Murder of fellow agent Kiki Camerena. This was the largest investigation and trial in the DEA’s History- to investigate and bring to justice the real murders of Agent Kiki Camarena – this occurring while the Iran Contra Scandal started to unfold. The trial brought hundreds of witness’ in secretly from Mexico to the US to help solve the case.

There are more than 19 co-conspirators are still at large – some of them work inside the CIA and deep in government- this story has never been told like this before anywhere… never… until now…