Reports that El Cholo Ivan managed to escape are false

Lucio R. Borderland Beat


 Readers; I had this post in draft before seeing further reports.  Although Proceso’s insistence that El Cholo evaded capture was confirmed by the secretary of the navy, subsequent information dispels that information.
The Mexican Navy aka “Marina” conducted the 5AM operation today in Los Mochis.
Here is the backstory on him, considered as being one of El Chapo’s right hand men.
Chapo was captured in a motel he was staying at, and depicted in the photo above
Gastélum was arrested last March in Guamuchil, Sinaloa, only to be out on the streets once again,

without any explanation as to what followed enabling his release or if he escaped.

He was wanted at the time of the March arrest, as he was on the lam having escaped from a Culiacan prison in 2008.
In late 2012 Gastélum was in an intense clash with the Mexican army that spanned over three villages and ended in the military shooting and killing  his girlfriend, 2012 Miss Sinaloa, Susana María Flores Gámez.
She was abandoned to her fate by Gastélum.  Before leaving her he instructed Flores Gámez to tell the authorities she was kidnapped, “Say you were kidnapped … they’re not going to do anything, they’ll let you go.” With that said, he safely fled.
A year after the death of the beauty queen, several banners were left in the municipalities of Culiacan, Salvador Alvarado and Mocorito in Sinaloa, blaming a Mexican General of her death.
The banners read: “General Gurrola, you frightened and murdered Maria Susana Flores and keep killing innocent people, Mr. Defense Secretary, let this general be investigated because he has only trampled the human rights, killed, tortured innocent people, just like you killed Maria Susana Flores, and many more. Mr. President, with all due respect, open an investigation on this General who should not be on the Army, but on jail. Yours truly, Cholo Ivan“. 

Chapo being taken from motel below:

Doux motel Chapo was captured here