Chihuahua 30 dead in battle between La Linea and Sinaloa

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Site of  Sinaloa attack on military

A confrontation initiating at around 5 a.m. today  lasted over several hours, leaving in the balance causalities of 26 dead and 3 injured.

This information was provided by  the Chihuahua attorney general. (It has now been reported to be 30 officially dead).

The battle was in Las Vargas, Madera municipality, between La Linea and La Gente Nueva  (Sinaloa).  Several arrests were made.

A confrontation between the military  then ensued between the military who arrived on the scene, and gunmen assuming to be from Sinaloa Cartel.  The Sinaloa commando were attempting to rescue the injured and arrested members of the cartel. That confrontation occurred in the community of the Mesa del Huracán, municipality of Madera.

In just the past week in the same village, 2 policemen were killed and a clandestine grave was discovered containing eight bodies.

The ongoing dispute between the two cartels is over territory.

From last week…two policemen killed

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