La China Chief of sicarios of Los Damaso arrested in BCS

Police elements managed to arrest Melissa Margarita Calderón Ojeda “La China”, presumed Special Forces chief of assassins of the criminal organization “Los Damaso” in Baja California.
According to the weekly Zeta, the Attorney General of Baja California unofficially confirmed the arrest of the woman.
The publication reported the arrest at about 13:10, when she was trying to leave the state from a small airport outside Cabo San Lucas, in Baja California Sur.
He adds that because of the secrecy of the investigations, the case was not reported.

Calderon Ojeda was arrested along with a criminal cell.

La China is one of those responsible for the violence in La Paz, where until now there have been 178 murders in the struggle for control of the drug trade.
Calderon Ojeda is an armed wing operator of “Los Damaso” Special Forces in Baja California Sur, which operate mainly in the city of La Paz.
The 30-year-old became famous by a ballad titled like her nickname.
In recent weeks it was reported that La China had stop working for “Los Damaso” of the Sinaloa Cartel, because of problems high in the chain of command.
Therefore, supposedly Calderon Ojeda decided to form her own group holding a dispute with “Los Damaso”.


The alleged sicaria was one of the two objectives of state, federal and military forces for her participation in at least nine murders in the drug war being waged against Los Pepillos and Los Mayitos in La Paz, according to the weekly Zeta.


This article was translated from Proceso