The Israeli, Palestinian conflict has become to Americans, synonymous with news reports of Palestinians committing great acts of violence towards Israeli Jews. But if you were to ask yourself, ‘What do I know about the conflict?’ How would you answer? What do you really know? As Americans, we can rely only on what the major news networks tell us. But the News never asks the question, “Why”?

Why would a person decide to take a bomb into a crowded space and blow themselves up? What is driving people to take a knife and attack innocent bystanders?

Circles in the Desert is a documentary that examines the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through a unique perspective; that of the Palestinians living there. Shot on location in Old Jerusalem, Hebron, Ramallah, Jenin & the border of Gaza, Circles in the Desert will bring to light tough answers to the question “Why” and share firsthand accounts from the people living there who are caught in the middle of political and religious strife.

Article 32

In the early morning hours of April 26, 2006, an Iraqi man was shot dead on the side of the road in the village of Hamdania, Iraq by seven Marines on a terrorist capture and kill mission. Was he murdered? Was he a terrorist or an innocent, family man? The answer is not that simple.

Differing accounts as to the exact details of the man’s killing and cover-up fueled a full-blown, NCIS murder investigation and media circus. Soon after, the Marines faced the death penalty for their roles in the Iraqi man’s death.

Article 32 is a documentary that uncovers the truth of what happened that night in Iraq and the subsequent NCIS murder investigation. Shot in Hamdania, Iraq and the United States, Article 32 explores a story that forever changed the lives of the Marines. Using extensive NCIS investigation documents and courtroom transcripts, Article 32 is a true crime murder mystery that in many ways defined the moral grey area that existed in the Iraq war.

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