City Wars Bridgeport

City Wars is a documentary series produced by Go To Ground News. It will be embedded in various parts of the United States, and tell groundbreaking narratives on: Crime, Law Enforcement, Politics, Immigration, Economic Development, and other tales that drive the engine of any city.

Told in real time, the episodes will be releases at and various social media outlets. The news will be investigative in nature and character driven. The ethos of City Wars is to go deeper than the main stream in understanding how we govern and adapt to a changing, political and economic climate.

In the series premier, we travel to Bridgeport, Connecticut, a former manufacturing enclave, where the face for Mayor involves incumbent Bill Finch and the Democratic contender, Joseph Ganim.

Told through the lens of this heated, political battle, City Wars will reveal how a city is run, and how an election can shape the candidates and electorate.

City Wars Chicago