Go To Ground is a news aggregator, content incubator, and media company that focuses on reporting breaking news and vital, conflict-driven stories as they unfold inside the underbelly of America.

War reporting from conflict zones across the world dots the media landscape, with journalists risking their lives to cover those stories that are important to humanity and the public zeitgeist. In America, we are fighting domestic wars that include immigration, prison, law enforcement, cyber-crime, religion, race and politics. In pockets of suburban and urban enclaves, pulsating narratives play out every day and have a profound effect on who we are as a country and where we are headed.

Go To Ground incorporates 5 to 8 minute segments of daily editorials and opinion pieces that are developed by G2G staff under the theme of WAR REPORTING IN AMERICA.

Targeting millennial viewers, the stories of G2G are told by journalists, videographers, activists, and hyper-media investigators who uncover breaking news and cultivate sources and whistle blowers in their local communities. G2G offers a platform that competes with Vice, Huffington Post, and other content entities geared toward the ever-changing palate of the millennial viewer.

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